Nikomas Digital Photography


Taking in Waikiki Beach

I definately underestimated the beauty of Honolulu and especially the warm and exfoliating waters off of Waikiki Beach.

It was a long flight to get here from Washington D.C. but it was worth it. Lucky for me my lovely fiancĂ©e, Hope, was waiting for me at the airport and we quickly got back to the hotel and got ready for dinner.

After a shower, we walked a block to Tiki Bar and Grill and had very tasty dinner. I had the lamb and shrimp combo and she had the Hawaiian fish special. It was all so good. A few drinks and dinner did me in and my first night I called it early and headed back to the room and got some sleep. 

On the next morning, I got up and Hope showed me a around some more and it was off to the beach! With my dependable Pentax KS1, I took some very nice pictures of the beach in the morning. 

Later on that morning, I took my iPhone 7 plus to record some underwater video. That was my first time snorkeling and the fish are amazing! They swim right next to you and tease you to chase them. However, I did find myself constantly looking around for sharks, and given this is "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel. 

Well that just about does it for this post, I hope you enjoy the video and photos.